We don't support Paypal anymore, because it prohibits payments between USA and Russia based commercial accounts due to their regulations. We still support Western Union, direct wire transfer, and card payment as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. We provide personal payment URL after discussion of required device configuration and shipping method. We use for card payments. Most popular services and products are available through our foreign partners who will offer better turnaround time and convenience of Paypal


We ship worldwide by EMS ( and Fedex. Typical cost varies from $35..$60 usd (EMS) and $60..100 USD (Fedex) depending on your region the items you want shipped. Your order will be shipped in 2-3 days from payment acceptance. International track ID provided. Typical shipping time is 5-10 days for Fedex. EMS shipping time varies greatly due to the pandemic and reduced number of available flights. We still guarantee delivery whatever method you choose, but we can't predict shipping time if you choose EMS


All our products are covered by lifetime warranty. A part without visible damages is replaced by equivalent part free of charge.