Porsche Cayenne / VW TOUAREG



90х52х17 mm


46 g


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Interfaces your new engine’s ECU to Porsche / VW CAN bus. Available ECU interface options: CAN (Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan), MPX (Toyota), Analogue (universal application, including aftermarket ECUs)

Supported features:

  • PSM system operation is retained.
  • Push button start
  • RPM, warning lights, water temp, a/t shifter position including manual mode
  • Correct operation of Porsche/VW ABS and PSM systems
  • XFER case: factory unit can be retained or eliminated, correct operation is still supported
  • A/C fix (enables operation, transmits request to new ECU)
  • Factory Porsche fan control
  • For Toyota ECUs with MPX/CAN: ECT PWR/SNOW, idle up for elec.load and a/c

Speedometer and trip meter are not affected by the device as they normally use data transmitted by ABS module

Factory ECM and TCM computers are not required. Transfer case control module is only required if converted car would still use Cayenne case