45х35х19 mm


20 g


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All4Swap ®

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24V compatible

Reads any sensor

Can simulate both Hall and VR sensors

This product has been selling for years, over 3500 units sold in Russia since 2012 (as of Apr. 2018)

Speedometer OR tachometer signal converters for engine conversions. Redesigned smaller version with improved function set.

Will run arbitrary speedometer with arbitrary speed sensor, no matter 2- or 3-wire type, Hall effect, reluctor etc

Will work with modern VVTi engines without dedicated speed sensor for cluster. Input can be T-connected to any existing sensor without disturbing ECU operation.

Has fine adjustment dial and several modes of operation

Has "test signal generator mode" useful for finding speedo/tacho input of your cluster Only 4 wires to connect

RPM converter mode: will work from various ECU outputs or crank angle sensor. May have "tacho booster" built-in per request at no additional charge for driving old RPM counters, those working directly from primary coil.

Will ship worldwide (shipping INCLUDED in the price shown)