Lexus IS200/300/Toyota Altezza



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For Lexus IS300/ IS200 engine swaps.

Other chassis types are supported per request (JZX110, JZS171, JZS160 etc)

Lexus IS300's instrument panel and air conditioning system are designed to communicate with factory engine/trans control computer over local single wire network of Toyota's proprietary format BEAN (pins MPX1 and MPX2 on factory wiring diagrams).

Therefore, when factory engine (and ECU) are removed, A/C and most of instrument panel stop operating properly, including: water temp, fuel level, oil/charge warning lights.

The device is designed to fix this issue. It is available in a few variants, depending on type of ECU installed instead of factory unit.

Most of features, as well as ease of connection, are available for the most popular engine transplants: 1JZ-GTE (JZS171) with factory ECU. Other ECUs are supported (see detailed list below). In most cases, you only need to connect 3 to 6 wires in engine bay to get all supported features working.

Don't forget to check other products and services that we offer for factory Toyota ECUs (conversion to m/t, speed limit removal, remap options)

Device's features:

  • Analogue RPM signal conversion (6/8 cylinders into 4/6)
  • Water temp
  • Ambient temp for a/c (only for factory Toyota ecus with BEAN or CAN bus)
  • Idle up for a/c
  • ECT Power/Snow mode control (only for factory Toyota ecus with BEAN or CAN bus)
  • Idle Up for Elec.load (only for factory Toyota ecus with BEAN or CAN bus)
  • Normal operation of fuel gauge (all ECUs)
  • Fuel level light normal operation, does not blink etc (all ECUs)
  • A/C clutch relay control from factory cabin button
  • Single fan relay control (optional) with A/C mode

Test video (1UZ UZS171 into Altezza RS, previously ran twin ECU setup)

Supported factory Toyota ECUs:

  • 3UZ-FE (all types , both 5 and 6 speed)
  • 1UZ VVTI UCF20
  • 1UZ VVTI UZS171
  • 1UZ VVTI UZS160
  • 1JZ-GTE JZX110
  • 1JZ-GTE JZS171
  • 1JZ-GTE JZX100
  • 2JZ-GTE VVTI (JZS161)
  • 2JZ-FSE (all types)
  • 2JZ-GE (for IS200 swaps, all types are supported)
  • 1UR-FSE (all types)
  • 2GR-FSE (all types)

Non-vvti engines and aftermarket ECUs are also supported in special version of the device with analogue inputs/outputs.