TRC/VSC 2GR,3UZ,1UR - IS250, GS300

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We offer reprogramming standard 3UZ-FE, 2GR-FSE, 1UR-FSE ECUs for Lexus IS250 (GSE20), Lexus GS300 (GRS190) engine transplant projects. Issues that are fixed:

  • VSC/TRC normal functioning. We never offered any magic boxes that would fix that issue, because we consider it unsafe. Any possible fault in such a device or its wiring would lead to loss of power steering and ABS/VSC/TRC, perhaps in the moment you least wanted it. Instead, we modify certain ECU firmware mods, so it talks to VSC system of different chassis natively.
  • For particular case of swapping a 3UZ into IS250 , additional features of the mod are properly functioning ECT PWR/SNOW modes, as well as MPG indication and fuel gauge.
  • Immobilizer system of the ECU can be paired to that of IS250 chassis, so it's possible to retain immobilizer system instead of turning it off.
  • All usual services are also available in addition to the options described above. In particular, these are: instant throttle response, m/t conversion, improved torque. Details: