Immobilizer removal service is available for any Toyota/Lexus ECU manufactured in 1995-2014+ In particular, any JZ and UZ engines, as well as GR, UR series and so on. Most UZ and JZ engines are modified without any soldering or removing/installing extra components

Remap service is available for any 3UZ ecu, as well as any GR and UR and some others. Achieved are:

  • Zero trouble codes for downstream O2, cat converters, EVAP system
  • Quicker a/t shifts
  • Modified a/t shift points vs speed and accelerator pedal (quicker downshifts in particular)
  • Up to 10% power and torque gain guaranteed for any 3UZ engine (95 or 98 octane)
  • No speed limit

Modified ecus are available for sale. Alternatively, you can send your ECU to be modified. No core service is available though.