Toyota/Lexus ECU Remap

Immobilizer removal service is available for any Toyota/Lexus ECU manufactured in 1995-2014+ In particular, any JZ and UZ engines, as well as GR, UR series and so on. Most UZ and JZ engines can be modified without any soldering or removing/installing extra components

Remap service is available for any 3UZ ECU, as well as 2002+ IS300 ECU, and also any GR and UR and some others. Key improvements:

  • ECU can be modified for m/t => deleted are a/t trouble codes and limp mode with reduced torque
  • Rev limit can be altered for m/t application
  • Zero trouble codes for downstream O2, cat converters, EVAP system
  • Quicker a/t shifts
  • Modified a/t shift points vs speed and accelerator pedal position (that results, in particular, in quicker downshifts). Individually tuned in ECT Normal/Power/Snow modes
  • Improved throttle response, individually tuned in ECT Normal/Power/Snow modes. See stock vs tuned example:

  • Up to 10% power and torque gain guaranteed for any 3UZ engine (95 or 98 octane)
  • No speed limit, both in normal and Cruise mode
  • Fan engagement temperature can be lowered for engine conversion projects with small engine bay
  • Fan control can support any Mercedes fans (W203,W212,etc) instead of factory Toyota fans
  • Up to 0.3 bar of boost can be supported per request. Higher boost is unsafe for stock internals and is not supported by stock MAF and injectors.

Modified ecus are available for sale. Alternatively, you can send your ECU to be modified (refer to our partner list