history of the company

ALL4SWAP is founded in 2011 . We are located in Moscow, Russia. Our misssion is to provide cost-efficient and reliable solutions for dropping a Toyota / Lexus powerplant into basically everything.


Lifetime warranty. Free technical support. Work around the world. For a number of key technologies in our field of activity, we are inventors, from the very idea to the concrete embodiment.


Our key services are related to retaining factory ECU for engine transplant projects. That helps you control overall project cost greatly. Typical services are: removing security system (so the engine would start at all), remapping for motorsport, modifying for manual transmission, catalytic converter monitoring / EVAP removal for motorsport.

Additionally, we design and make various signal converters to maintain swapped car's stock interior and features like instrument panel, A/C , ABS and so on.

We ship overseas. Some of our services and devices are available through regional partners